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I am not a man, nor try to be one. I am female and feel very comfortable in my own skin.

Nowadays’ reality is that feminism has invaded all spaces, so much so that spaces, clearly misogynous see themselves compelled to use the color purple on the 8th of March.

One year to this day my life as it were came to an end. I wasn’t aware that I was, in fact, assisting at the funeral of my previous existence.

Life had something better in store for me, and the vessel needed to be emptied to make room for the…

Valentine’s 2021

Not ever celebrating Valentines with me because it was a made-up holiday, was not love.

Never asking for a day out of work on my birthday to celebrate with me, was not love.

Spending NYE with his friends and leaving me home alone, was not love.

Always making…

She had been gifted with the gift of the spoken and written word.
Her mind could create parallel universes that one could barely even dream of. She had the way of bringing back to life those ideas.
But she felt misunderstood.
In a world of make believe, her brutal sense of truth…

… to this day, since I last saw you.

Even though you promise me that we’re going to see one another as soon as restrictions losen a little bit, I can’t help but to get saddened by the fact of not having you next to me.

We are fortunate to live in a world where we can FaceTime one another. But it’s been 31 days since I last saw you.

31 days of just reading you. Just text.

I get that not everyone is extroverted. But…

Don’t you miss seeing me? Don’t you want to spend some time with me, even though we’re appart?

Or have you grown indifferent?

I wonder.

As much as I hate this acronym, it is so true.

You only live once.

Life is way too short as it is.

And the most valuable thing we got, the most precious thing that we have to cherish and protect, is the time that is given to us.


Three days of silence.

One minute we were talking about sugary snacks and the next all communication got cut.

I would completely understand if you’d tell me that you need some time for yourself, away from social media, a bit of peace and quiet.

But you haven’t said a thing. Just a very cryptic message in the last 72 hours.

And while this silence mean nothing, I cannot help but wonder:

Is this how it ends?

My heart is crying.

I miss all the hugs that you haven’t given me yet.

  • You talk way more than I do, seems like (smiley face).
  • You don’t say! (laughs out loud). So tell me what’s on your mind right now.
  • You know I don’t like texting…
  • So how are we supposed to keep in touch, then?


She gets stupidly upset and delves into…

It was the tail ends of November ’20.
After I had been witnessing how all that I had in life crumbled in front of me all throughout 2020, I had completely given up on life. Honestly. …


Nothing wrong with randomness.

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